What We Do
Empowering people to learn and grow on their terms.

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Why People+Skills

Having good quality mentors and advisors is essential for professional and personal growth. Yet, it's generally time consuming and difficult to find them. Our aim is to make the process a little easier.

People+Skills is a knowledge-sharing community that connects learners (mentees) with experienced and knowledgeable individuals (mentors) to expand and strengthen skills. We facilitate tailored and customized mentorships for businesses and individuals. Our platform intends to make it easy for mentees and mentors to find and connect with each other.

Professional Development

Employee satisfaction, engagement, and happiness are crucial for organizations and employee performance. Lack of support and guidance at work leads to employee turnover which costs company time and valuable resources.
Connect with us to learn how mentorships can benefit your company.

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Mentees and mentors are more engaged and happier at work
Mentors contribute to the career advancement of minority employees
Better Retention
Supported and engaged employees stay at their companies longer
Mentorships help employees with improving and developing new and existing skills
Learning new skills increases adaptability
Receive guidance
Mentors provide useful feedback and guidance to help you achieve goals

Join a community of lifelong learners, mentors, and mentees
Mentors enrich the learning experience with their support, guidance, and expertise

Personal Development

Learning a new skill and hobby on your own is often lonely, boring, and frustrating without social support and feedback. It's difficult to keep going and it's unclear which resources are helpful. Video tutorials can only get you so far. Connect with us for guidance on your learning journey.

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You have an abundance of knowledge and skills. You want to use your skills to contribute to other’s lives and your community. Experience the joy of mentoring and sharing your skills with others. Connect with us to join our mentoring community.

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build relationships
Mentoring others is a beautiful way to build relationships with others
Your skills and knowledge help others develop their personal and professional skills
deVELOP Skills
Mentoring and teaching skills improves your knowledge and expertise
Improve Communication
Mentoring others strengthens communication skills