People+Skills was founded with the belief that personal and professional growth is possible and accessible for everyone. We provide tools and technology to empower people and businesses to achieve their personal and professional goals. We believe that learning new skills is more efficient and productive with mentors, support, and proper systems.


Genuine and honest is the only way to build authentic and meaningful relationships with customers and partners.
Compassionate and holistic. Serving our customers, partners, and employees through a human lens.
Passionate about transparency in the way we communicate, interact with clients, and our internal company process.

Our Leaders

Yelena Galperina
Yelena has over a decade of professional experience working in education and non-profit organizations. She is passionate about making social impact that serves individuals and organizations. Yelena earned her M.S from Northeastern University.
Sergey Grabkovsky
Sergey has over a decade in software development. Previously employed at Google, Sergey is passionate about designing quality software that provides outstanding usability. Sergey holds both his M.S and B.S in Computer Science from Northeastern University.

Our Story

Mentoring relationships have been invaluable for Yelena's personal and professional development. Yelena's mentors have helped her to understand and adapt to new skills and processes. Mentors helped Yelena to move forward in ways that she never would have been able to do on her own.

Yelena was introduced to the idea of mentorship when she started her graduate practicum program. She was fortunate to be assigned a supervisor who also acted as her mentor. They would meet every week and discuss how my week went. Yelena's mentor had over a decade of experience in the field and provided valuable guidance. Her mentor would explain things in detail, provide valuable resources, and helpful feedback that helped Yelena grow in the new role. Most importantly, Yelena's mentor was supportive, understood Yelena's needs, challenges, and strengths. Having mentoring support helped Yelena to develop new skills.